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Genie as the best Concrete Contractor Garland TX may also install a new concrete sidewalk in front of your home or business if there was no previous concrete walkway there. When it comes to enlarging the sidewalk in front of your property or establishing extra walking pathways for your potential clients, the options are virtually limitless.

Corroded concrete sidewalks for residential and commercial projects in Hayward and the surrounding areas are our specialty. We are the most trusted Genie Concrete Contractor Garland TX in the area. In Garland, TX, we have installed hundreds of concrete surfaces for homeowners associations, apartment complexes, community and municipal facilities, among other things. In addition, our staff has extensive knowledge and experience in concrete sidewalk repair and replacement.

Do you require the construction of a new sidewalk, parking lot, or roadway? A professional estimator will come to your house to assess your requirements, inspect your property, and provide you with a comprehensive written estimate. Our paving services and concrete sidewalk repairs are known for their high quality workmanship, as well as their timely completion and cost-effectiveness. We guarantee your complete satisfaction with our work. #ConcreteSidewalkGarland #ConcreteWalkwayGarland

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Most individuals underestimate the difficulty of finding a trustworthy concrete sidewalk contractor in Garland TX. Concrete Garland TX is widely considered as the top concrete sidewalk provider in Garland TX, and for good reason. Apart from apartment complexes and governments, we also deal with HOAs, parks in the neighborhood, schools, and nursing homes, amongst other sorts of establishments. A wide range of commercial construction projects in Garland, Texas, may be handled by Concrete Garland TX. The fact that we have successfully built hundreds of concrete surfaces at low pricing around Garland TX. Concrete Garland TX may also repair concrete sidewalks. ‘ You should call Concrete Garland TX the first time your property requires a new sidewalk, parking lot, or road. We’ll arrange for one of our knowledgeable employees to meet with you to go through the details of the job. During this meeting, you will have the opportunity to make all of your needs very clear.

To get a written estimate, our representative will conduct a site survey. Our team will then perform the installation or repair to your entire satisfaction. As a result of our efforts, we want to earn your trust and build a mutually beneficial partnership. Setting up, excavation and pouring are all processes in the process of installing a new sidewalk. Consistent and smooth surfaces from section to section are the most difficult part of the process. Some folks, on the other hand, want to go above and beyond the norm by creating a truly unique and spectacular custom sidewalk. For a custom pathway, stamped concrete or pavers might be utilized instead of poured concrete. The proper installation of a sidewalk is essential to its long-term performance and durability, but outstanding sidewalks also benefit communities, pedestrians, and vehicle traffic safety. Having a concrete sidewalk builder build your pathway ensures that your needs are met.

Concrete Garland TX is dedicated to ensuring that your concrete surfaces are structurally and functionally sound. Installations and repairs should be of the highest quality and cost-effectiveness are our primary goals. We also provide customized maintenance plans to meet your specific needs.

Benefits of Concrete Sidewalks;

People are more likely to walk if they have easy access to sidewalks, which is good for their health and the health of the community as a whole. Individuals are willing to pay more for a property with well-maintained concrete sidewalks, according to a poll by the Urban Land Institute. Sidewalks have a significant part in increasing property prices in Garlands, a community that caters to pedestrians. Retail businesses benefit from increased foot activity on sidewalks. Everything about concrete work excites us, in case that wasn’t clear enough. With our cheap prices, considerable industry knowledge, and dedication to our customers we want to earn your business.

FAQs about Concrete Sidewalks & Walkways:

At $8.63 per square foot, installing a concrete sidewalk is within the usual range of $5.89 to $12 per square foot.

Each of these factors impacts the entire project cost, and sidewalks can range from simple slabs of concrete to elaborate hardscapes with decorative components.

A concrete pathway should be at least 4" thick. If you choose less than 4", you will see more cracking sooner. Thicker concrete is usually preferable since it is more sturdy and has fewer cracks. It will also be more resistant to weather and traffic since 4" of concrete is significantly stronger than 3".
Sidewalks should be broad enough for two people to stroll next to each other comfortably. 48 inches is a nice standard width.
Most sidewalks do not need rebar reinforcement. Rebars may also be utilized in sidewalks that must endure regular impact. The installation of rebar to general-purpose sidewalks is not beneficial. In fact, if your sidewalk requires repairs, employing rebar may end up costing you more in the long run.
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